Open right:  This move takes skill to lead because it feels different for followers.  They are not used to stepping forward on their right foot and may resist if lead is not sure and assertive!  Lead also feels unusual because he steps forward and around partner on his second (right) foot.  This move also requires a different frame and some followers are reluctant to give up the frame they are comfortable with.  Practice, practice, practice….


On beat 1, waltz in line of direction as usual.  On beats 2,3 guide follower to pivot 180 degrees, so you are in open promenade position. (Both facing line of direction, lead’s left and follower’s right hands joined in front, follower’s left hand on lead’s right shoulder, lead’s right hand on follower’s shoulder blade.)


On any beat 4, lead steps past follower in line of direction with his right foot (second foot), pivoting on next 2 beats to end with back to line of direction, follower on lead’s right hip.  Follower has taken 3 steps in place.


On beat 1, lead steps back on first foot, leading follower to take forward step on first beat (right foot).  Both pivot on next 2 beats to end with both facing line of direction, follower on lead’s right. *Important for lead to use right hand assertively on follower’s back to signal her to face line of direction. (Lead’s footwork is actually stepping back on beat 1, forward on beat 2, and together on beat 3, pivoting 180 degrees on beats 2,3.  He has made no net movement in line of direction.  This makes it easier for follower to step around him gracefully!)   Move has a definite feel of “he steps, she steps”.


A good way to practice this move is to alternate waltzing in open promenade position and in open right. Lead has to be clear, and follower has to pay attention!!


To end open right, hold follower in open position, both facing line of direction (at end of any first foot measure.  Waltz forward in open position on beats 4,5,6.  On any first foot, lead follower in clockwise twirl (1 ˝ x) with left hand back to closed.  *OR lead clockwise twirl to closed position directly from open right on beats 4,5,6.


Another way into open right:  On beats 1,2,3 lead clockwise twirl for follower.  She essentially steps in place, pivoting around for 6 beats.  On beats 4,5,6 lead steps forward on his right foot and pivots 180 degrees to catch follower at end of beat 6 with his back to line of direction, right hip to right hip, ready to step back and lead her forward on beat 1.


Pass across in open right:  On any beat 4, drop joined hands.  Lead lets go with right arm as he steps across in front to follower’s right side and reconnects with left arm on her back.  In 3 beats, lead pivots a complete 360 degrees to catch follower with both facing line of direction.  On next beat 1, lead uses left arm to signal follower to take step in front.  She releases her arm on lead’s back to reconnect with her left arm on lead’s back, on lead’s right side.  Follower pivots 360 degrees in 3 beats to end facing line of direction.  (Lead must signal this on her back with his right arm.)  Can continue passing back and forth, each time moving across on right foot stepping forward.  To stop, hold follower in open promenade position on lead’s right and catch her right hand.



Let us know if you have questions!  Wayne & Gaye